Condor Swing Retrofit

Product Details
MA506 Features:
– One control for singles or pairs.
– Built-in 12Vac sensor power supply.
– Built-in lock-out relay for header mounted sensors.
– Built-in line filter.
– Built-in relay for electric locks and strikes.
– Built-in secondary activate function.
– Low or high energy.

Cross Reference Numbers: LCN: 2810-3462, 2850-3462, 2860-3462, 9530-3462, 9540-3462, 9550-3462, 9560-3462. Reference: Dor-O-Matic, LCN. Astro, Mid and Senior Swing. 710164-00, 710165-00, 710166-00

Universal Swing Adaptor/Retrofit
Product Details

Upgrade an existing header with a new Condor Swing Motor/Gearbox. Perserves cladding and overhead concealed installations.

One adaptor required for each motor/gearbox.
Motor/gearbox sold separately.
Arm sold separately.
MA506 control required and sold separately.

Condor Swing Retrofit

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