CHEXIT Delayed Egress System

This delayed egress system is for higher security areas like behavioral health, memory care and maternity applications.

The CHEXIT is a delayed egress option, and is available on all 98/99 Series, XP98/99 Series and 33A/35A Series devices commonly used in behavioral health, memory care and maternity applications, to prevent patient abduction or elopement. It is a solution for controlled (indefinite release delay) or delayed (standard 15 second release delay) egress applications. All control inputs, auxiliary locking, local alarm and remote signaling outputs are self-contained. The CHEXIT can also easily be integrated with access control, fire prevention and infant protection systems. The standard CHEXIT device sounds an alarm and keeps the door secured for 15 seconds following an exit attempt, with an immediate release upon a fire alarm sounding.

Numerous configurable settings allow the CHEXIT to be customized based on specific application or code requirements. The remote CHEXIT module (RCM) provides the same functionality as a standard CHEXIT for smaller door sizes by placing electronic components in a control box. Likewise, the DE5300 utilizes a control box, RX-LX low current request-to-exit panic device and a Schlage direct-hold electromagnetic lock.

CHEXIT Delayed Egress System

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