Allegion/Schlage Proximity Credentials

Proximity credentials are traditional proximity technology for less demanding installations.

Proximity credentials provide a convenient access control solution for facilities with less demanding security needs. They are compatible with most industry-leading proximity readers, allowing them to easily integrate with new and existing proximity access control systems.

From highly durable clamshell-style cards to the standard ISO style cards, keyfobs or PVC adhesive disks, Schlage offers a variety of credential formats to support a broad range of access control applications. Aesthetic options include custom artwork and laser engraving for clamshell and ISO-style cards.


Special Note: As of September 2017, all aptiQ and XceedID credentials transitioned to the Schlage brand. Although the brand name has changed, all part numbers and products remain the same. Forward and backward compatibility does not change and products may be used interchangeably.

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