Allegion/Schlage LE Standalone Mobile Enabled Wireless Mortise Lock

LE mobile enabled wireless locks can be managed from anywhere with ENGAGE™ web and mobile apps. Updates can occur at the door, overnight via Wi-Fi network, or with No-Tour using smart cards.

The Schlage® LE wireless mortise lock is designed to affordably extend electronic access control deeper into the building beyond traditional perimeter and high security openings. LE wireless locks can be managed from anywhere using ENGAGE™ web and mobile applications. And now Schlage offers the LE wireless lock with a mobile enabled option that gives users the security and convenience of using a smart device to gain access.

The LE design packages the mortise lock, credential reader, and access control sensors together in to a small footprint that is both elegant and affordable. They feature two sleek trim options with broad range of decorative lever choices. The LE mortise chassis can be ordered with an interior push button or deadbolt for specific applications. Capability includes the use of proximity, smart, Bluetooth and NFC credentials which provide security and versatility.

LE electronic wireless locks can be managed in the same system as other wireless locks including Schlage Control™ and NDE. LE locks can be updated immediately at the door using a smart phone or tablet. For even greater efficiency, LE locks can be connected to a Wi-Fi network for overnight updates. Additionally, LE locks have No-Tour capability using smart credentials for multifamily applications.

Allegion/Schlage LE Standalone Mobile Enabled Wireless Mortise Lock

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