Allegion/Schlage Everest 29™ SL Cylinder

The Everest 29 SL cylinder is a full-size cylinder in Schlage SFIC keyways.

The exclusive SL cylinder creates an opportunity to unify separate key systems into one restricted, A2 key system upgradeable to Primus XP security. Offered in both Conventional and Full Size Interchangeable Core (FSIC) formats, the SL cylinder utilizes the same Everest 29 R keyway family as Schlage Small Format IC cylinders.

A unique L-pin design allows SL cylinders to accept the 7-pin length common to SFIC cylinders. Security features include the check pin standard in Everest 29 cylinders plus an added independent locking sidebar. In its Primus XP form, SL is the only Schlage cylinder to utilize two sidebar mechanisms making it nearly impossible to bypass.

Using SL cylinders, one key system can span three distinct formats: Conventional, FSIC and SFIC.  It is a cost effective solution for unifying a large campus key system. Simply replace cylinders rather than locks.  You gain a more secure and manageable system in a 7-pin design that allows you the highest number of Schlage key combinations possible.

Allegion/Schlage Everest 29™ SL Cylinder

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