Allegion/Schlage CT5000 Single Opening Controller

An alternative to electronic locks with programming in the lock, the CT5000 offers electronic door management as an offline, single opening controller providing communication between devices like electric strikes and card readers.

The CT5000 is an offline single opening controller designed for applications where the security and convenience of electronic access control is desired, but application of an electronic lock may not be practical. It is an ideal solution for narrow stile aluminum store fronts because it can work with a variety of readers, as well as interface with peripheral devices such automatic operators, electric strikes, and exit devices.

The CT5000 is compatible with many brands and types of credential technologies including magnetic stripe, 125 kHz proximity, and 13.56 MHz smart cards. It also supports a variety of card functions including: normal, toggle, freeze, pass through, construction, lockdown and card + PIN applications.

As a complement to your facility’s portfolio of CO Series and AD Series devices and networked readers, CT5000 is also capable of upgrade should your needs change to a wireless networked solution.

Allegion/Schlage CT5000 Single Opening Controller

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