Allegion/Schlage Conventional Cylinders

Conventional cylinders are made specifically to fit Schlage products and may require some level of lock disassembly in order to replace. Durable, solid brass bar stock construction and sintered stainless steel housings stand up to rugged use.

Schlage full-size conventional cylinders offer extreme versatility in a modular design. One cylinder is the foundation for any key-in-lever, rim or mortise cylinder need. Simply change the tailpiece, cam or rear housing to configure. Fewer parts means on-the-job flexibility and lower cost, making installation easier, faster and more profitable.

Designed specifically for Schlage products (with variations available to fit many other manufacturers’ products), these cylinders are best suited to environments where you have tight key control and little need to periodically rekey. A conventional cylinder commonly requires some disassembly of the lock for removal and replacement.

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