Allegion/Schlage Control and Monitoring Desk Stations

Control station can be used in conjunction with electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, electrified locks and other door locking and control devices. The simple single pushbutton 660 Series mini station control is ideally used concealed under a desk or counter to remotely release a single entry locking device.

Schlage 8200 Series desk consoles allow both control and monitoring for up to eight zones. They are designed to meet a wide range of security requirements, and can be used for status monitoring of electrified door hardware and accessories. The consoles are shipped either as 4- or 8- zones. Select either a momentary or maintained switch operation pushbutton for each zone. Replacement pushbuttons are available for field installation to change functionality of a zone or replace a broken pushbutton. Red and green buttons with lamps provide lock status monitoring with a signaling horn to provide audible alert if any locked status conditions change. Console control can also be disabled using the security keyswitch.

Features & Benefits
  • Concealed under a desk (660 Series)
  • Lighted pushbuttons for status monitoring in a desktop console (8200 Series)
  • Single-opening remote release of locking device (660 Series)
  • Status monitoring of multiple zones (8200 Series)
  • Momentary pushbutton or maintained toggle switch (660 Series)
  • Ability to pick a momentary or maintained switch for each zone (8200 Series).
660 Series mini station control
  • 660-TA SPDT maintained (alternate action), toggle switch
  • 660-PD SPDT momentary, pushbutton
  • Switch contact rating: 6A @120 VAC
  • Dimensions: 1”H x 2”W x 2”D
8200 Series consoles
  • 8204 4-zone console
  • 8208 8-zone console
  • Specify M (Momentary) or A (Alternate Action) for each zone when ordering
  • Current draw:
    • Switches: 1 Amp @24 VDC
    • Lamps: .04 Amp @24 VDC
    • Alarm: .5 Amp @24 VDC (breaker protected)
  • Temperature range: 32° to 120°F (0° to 49°C)
  • Red and green pushbuttons with indicator lamps
  • Signaling horn
  • Security keyswitch
  • Alarm reset
  • 8200MS momentary switch pushbutton assembly
  • 8200AD alternate action (maintained) switch pushbutton assembly

Allegion/Schlage Control and Monitoring Desk Stations

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