Allegion/Schlage 740 Series Break Glass

Schlage emergency break-glass release products allow normally locked doors to function when emergency egress is needed.

Schlage 740 Series emergency break glass products are designed for use as an emergency release of doors not normally used for daily ingress/egress. These may include laboratories, testing areas or other similar work rooms. It is also used in fail safe, multiple door interlocks and perimeter protection systems that involve the central control and potential lockdown of electronic locking devices, as an on-site emergency release. A “break glass” solution may be preferred in many situations over a conventional “pull box” installation because it is less vulnerable to misuse or tamper actuation.

The 740 Series emergency break glass units consist of a replacement break glass cartridge that normally holds the plunger-activated switch depressed until the cartridge lens is broken. When the lens is broken, the plunger moves forward and alters the switch contact position.

Features & Benefits
  • Compatible with all fail-safe types of electronic locking systems
  • An effective alternative to the conventional pull box types in reducing false alarms and tampering incidences
  • Mount to wall over a standard three-gang enclosure
  • Use in laboratories and isolated areas where emergency release of a door not normally used for daily ingress/egress is needed.
  • Emergency release options for door interlocks or buildings with perimeter doors on a centralized access control system (where permitted by code)
  • Stainless steel plate and fittings
  • Options include LED and audible alert models to provide warning of emergency use or tampering
  • 740: Includes break glass switch assembly and hammer mounted to a silk-screened 3-gang stainless switch plate
  • 741: Includes added LED indicator light with red lens
  • 742: Includes added Sonalert horn (80 dB @ 2 ft)
Power requirements
  • 6A @ 30 VDC
  • Satin stainless steel

Allegion/Schlage 740 Series Break Glass

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