Allegion/Schlage 672 Series Touch Bars

Schlage request-to-exit push bars enable immediate egress when properly installed per local code. The 672 Series is designed for simple push bar activation of an electronic locking device, most commonly an electromagnetic lock, with large “PUSH TO EXIT” lettering.

Schlage request-to-exit devices are used on access controlled egress doors to ensure occupants are able to safely exit. They are a non-latching releasing device most often used as a switch to release an electromagnetic lock. Code requires that the locking mechanism on these doors can be released. This can be achieved by connection to a motion sensor to detect an approaching individual, by use of a clearly marked push button, fail safe configuration in case of power loss, or by activation of the building fire alarm/sprinkler/smoke detection system. It is important to confirm with the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), that access controlled egress doors are permitted and what specific code requirements exist for their use and installation.

Features & Benefits
  • 1/4″ movement of bar activates immediate release
  • Large “PUSH TO EXIT” lettering provides obvious exit indication with glow-in-the-dark option
  • Low profile provides ample clearance through the door
  • Releases electromagnetic or electrified locks when bar is depressed
  • Left- or right-hand reverse (field reversible)
  • Field sized or orderable for 36″, 42″ or 48″ doors
  • For aluminum, hollow metal and wood doors
  • Pivoting bar design allows 1/4” activation
  • Heavy-duty aluminum extrusion with powder coat cast metal end caps for maximum durability
  • Quick installation brackets/universal mounting system
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