8099 Dummy Push Bar

The 8099 Dummy Push Bar is designed for narrow stile aluminum, hollow metal, and wood applications that do not require a latching/locking life-safety exit device.


Dummy Push Bar with no latch mechanism but with either single or dual monitor/signal switches. May be used in conjunction with a maglock, where the push bar turns off the magnet and allows exit from the building. Dual switch version allows redundancy where required by code or the operation ofa signal device. Designed for applications with single or pairs of doors.


Materials: Push bar made of extruded aluminum, available variety of architectural finishes.

Stile Width:
• For hollow metal and wood applications: minimum 3-3/4″ [95.3 mm]
• For aluminum applications: minimum 2″ [50.8 mm] stile.

• For hollow metal and wood applications: standard self-tapping screws and machine screws.
• For aluminum applications: standard machine screws.

Push Bar Length: Standard sizes: dimensioned for 30″ [762.0 mm], 36″ [914.4 mm], 42″ [1,066.8mm], and 48″ [1,219.2 mm] openings.

Standard Package: Individually boxed.

Shipping Weight: 6 lbs [2.72 kg].


• 8099-00: Inactive dummy push bar only, no switches
• 8099M0: Active dummy push bar, no monitoring switches
• 8099M1: Active dummy push bar, single monitoring switch
• 8099M2: Active dummy push bar, dual monitoring switches
• Available for aluminum, hollow metal and wood applications. Specify door type and width when ordering
• Optional Sex Bolt Kits 26-0584 (two required per device) available separately.

8099 Dummy Push Bar

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