If you are looking for reliable lock re-key locksmith service, UTS Group is a leading provider in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We have been providing, 24×7 locksmith service for businesses, commercial complex, retail shops and shopping centres. Our company has earned itself a good name in this domain of past years and stand tall amongst the competitors.

Rekeying your locks gives your premises a renewed security boost. Re-key is a solution which allows you to retain the same old lock or hardware but has a new key. Whenever we lose a key for whatever reason, we usually get a new key made from locksmith but in a way, we do comprise the security of our premises. If the lost key is to get in the hand of miscreants they have a legitimate access to our premise. Such a scenario can be avoided by re-keying the old locks.

Rekeying a lock basically is about changing the key pins within the locking mechanism. It is a very professional and durable way to renew the security components inside the lock. It is the most cost-effective to way to review the security of your business premise.

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