We are a professional service provider specialising in door repairs and replacement. We have a skilled team for lock replacements and repair. We can fix your door lock in no time and get you out of trouble. Door lock problems are very common, it can be an old lock stuck, or a key broke inside the lock or simply a malfunctioning lock. Any of these issues can restrict your entry into your premises and in Canada’s cold weather such a situation can be very hard to handle. Such a situation becomes more troublesome when you are an aged individual or suffer from a physical handicap, having children locked out with you is also a horrifying situation on a cold day in Canada. The point is that though it seems to be a very basic and harmless situation if caught in it at a wrong time such a situation can be a lot of trouble.

Our experienced team can respond to your stress call in no time and get you out of trouble in no time. We not only have trained team members who can fix lock problems very quickly but we stock a huge inventory to cater to any lock problem.

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