How Mobile Access Control can Benefit your Business

Modern technology and the ubiquity of WiFi and Bluetooth enabled cellular devices has revolutionized the world of access control, ushering in an era of unparalleled convenience and customization. Mobile access control technology has allowed business and building managers to think outside the traditional box of access control solutions based on physical key cards, offering them the ability to manage the access control of their business from a distance. In this blog entry prepared by the access control system installation experts at UTS Group, we will detail the top reasons that mobile access control can benefit your business.

Security Improvements
Key cards are quite easy to share, copy, and even steal! While many businesses think that issuing out dedicated key cards to their employees is the strongest access control related security measure that they can tackle, it actually isn’t! By instead working with a mobile access control technology, businesses can issue single sign-on keys for guests, as well as two-factor authentication protocol for employee key use, which doubles the layers of security offered by traditionally standard key cards. Since mobile key cards are locked onto the user’s mobile phone, they are cannot be copied with key card copying devices!!

Efficient Time Management
The labor involved with programming and issuing hundreds of key cards across myriad employees – as well as tracking down and deprogramming key cards that belonged to former employees can take up a large amount of your business focus, effort, time, and even money! When your business uses mobile access control technology, you can automate the programming and issuing of key cards to your employees, removing your need to dedicate valuable business time to this process. You will no longer have to hand out physical key cards and document them for security’s sake! Simply utilize an integrated identity management software through your access control hub, using this to help program, add, manage, and remove keycard credential codes from your system.

How does mobile access control work?
Mobile access control software usually works through a dedicated app available on the iOS or Android store. Through these apps, employees simply tap or shake their phone near a dedicated physical door reader. Some other mobile access control applications allow employees to simply punch in a code onto their phone, or (if granted permission) even scroll through a list of doors and press a particular button needed to open a door – think of this as a dedicated superpowered keycard!


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