Fortunately, it has become so easy to repair and maintain the condition of your garage door with our services in Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Typically, once installed, the garage door works well for many years with easy opening and closing of the door. But if in case any interruption comes, our firm is always ready to provide the best solutions to their clients.

UTS Group is a leading provider of garage door repair and replacement in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We provide services for all of your garage door repair needs, ensuring that no matter what kind of service, parts, or accessories you need for your garage doors we can get it fixed in no time. Just one call is all that it takes to gets your garage doors fixed. UTS Group is a recognized brand for installation and repair of all type of garage doors in Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Importance Garage Door Replacement and Repair

The door of Garage is an important asset to every garage. Good safety of garage creates a secure space for your vehicles and personal belongings. And Garage doors also give a better impression of your house. It protects our garage from harmful weather. We use it every day to quickly exit or access our home.

Home Security

Many people store valuable things inside the garage, like expensive adventure equipment, bicycles, and other personal items. A garage door with a faulty security system is an open door to intruders.

Safety from Garage Doors

As time goes by, our garage door ages and many of its safety components may fail. If you do not pay attention to the garage door, it may cause an injury to you or your loved ones. Regular inspections and repairs can address any issue to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Good Impression Of Your Garage

Adding a new garage door of your choice provides a dramatic and impressive difference in your Garage. When guests pull up the door of your garage, When neighbours pass in front of your house, or when you return from work, your house will have a perfect beauty of your Garage that makes it a landmark of the locality.


Noisy door

The unwanted noise in the doors is caused by a malfunction in the rollers or in the hinges. The best way to remove these interruptions is the replacement of the rollers or the hinges.
Depending on the size of the garage door, we offer rollers made up of different quality and size.

Frozen door

In the winters, there is the high probability that the door gets freeze to the garage floor. This makes a difficult situation to go in and out of the garage. In rare cases, the door does not even move at all.

Power outage

In extreme cases, there can be power failure which unable the door to get open or close.


Mostly the garage doors made up of wood are prone to warping over time. It can cause the door to stop working completely or close and open partially. In these cases, the door can be shored up with the tension rods, which are installed on the inner side of the door and these tension rods make the door straightened up.

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