Cost of Installing Automatic Doors in Ontario

Automatic doors seem to be gaining popularity. They instantly give an attractive look to your residential or commercial property.

Benefits of automatic doors

Having automatic doors can help you avoid penalties for non-compliance with the “AODA." It can also provide you with a better brand image, increase convenience for your customers and many other benefits.

“How much does it cost to install automatic doors?”

As a leading automatic door company in Ontario, the single most asked question is “How much does it cost to install automatic doors?” I wish there was an easy answer! From selecting a suitable type of automatic door to installation, it is not an easy task. There are standard sized doors that we use for installation, but each facility requires a custom solution and the price is determined by many factors.

What are the factors that might affect the price?

Several factors come into play and the installation price varies according to them. Here are the factors that all automatic door companies would consider:

  • Materials and the type of door
  • Size of the doors
  • Transportation and delivery charges
  • Hourly labour charges;
  • Clean up charges;
  • Customization cost;
  • Maintenance costs;

Material of the door

Automatic doors can be made of various materials such as aluminum, iron or steel and even timber. The choice of the material depends on current trends and the region too. Some materials are readily available in some areas while others are not. Material availability should be kept in mind for the cost-effectiveness of the installation process. The overall budget also determines the type of material used. Timber, for example, is relatively inexpensive but is difficult to maintain and not long-lasting.

On the other hand, choosing a more expensive option such as aluminum significantly increases the installation prices. However, it requires less maintenance and is very durable and long-lasting, reducing maintenance costs. Similarly, wrought iron and steel are also expensive, but are highly secure and last much longer.

Size of the door

There is no predetermined size of the door. It largely depends on your requirements and where the gate will be installed. Some materials cost more and have higher labour and delivery charges. You can choose an automatic door according to your budget.

Transportation/Delivery Charges

Transportation of materials and other parts is another important factor in determining the overall cost of installation. To keep this price low you should look for nearby services instead of ordering materials that have high transportation costs if delivered to the worksite.

Hourly Labor Charges

The labour charges vary across the country and with each installation company. Technicians charge per hour so it should be kept in mind to minimize the overall installation time. All the materials should be delivered to the site so there is no wasted time and unnecessary labour charges.

Clean Up Charges

Restoration of the nearby structures is important and is also part of installation costs. The site should be cleaned up promptly and the debris should be removed. Special clean up services can be hired which would charge accordingly. It would be cost-effective to have the technicians cleanup the site after installation.

Complexity and Customization Cost

Manual doors are custom made according to your chosen design and building requirements. Automatic doors can also be custom made at a higher cost.

Maintenance Costs

Commercial or residential doors require routine maintenance keeping them functioning for longer. Maintenance packages are typically used by commercial facilities. There are full-service maintenance programs offered by some automatic doors companies. Inspections and visits are scheduled ahead of time. The cost of each visit is also calculated depending on the type of service the automatic door requires. We advise you to sign up for a maintenance package to prevent damage to your door. It is always cheaper to maintain and service than to replace the entire door.


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