What Should You Do When Automatic Sliding Doors Get Stuck?

Electric Sliding Doors offer great convenience. But What Should You Do When Automatic Sliding Doors Get Stuck? This is a troubleshooting guide for your Stanley dura glide 2000-3000 automatic sliding doors. These instructions apply to both direct light 2000-3000 bipod and single slide doors or other common types of automatic doors. If your automatic door is not operating,

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Why Handicap Automatic Doors? “AODA” Explained in 5 Minutes

A lot of business owners are asking us about “Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act” when the time comes. So what exactly is Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act? First of all, it is “the AODA” in short. In 2005, the “AODA” was introduced and became law on June 13 with a goal of an accessible Ontario by

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How To Reduce Automatic Door Maintenance Costs?

Do you know it’s Much More Expensive to Install New Automatic Doors than to Repair your old one? If you have automatic doors installed at your building, whether commercial or residential, it is important that you plan their maintenance carefully in order to keep them functional for a long time. If you don’t take measures

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Benefits of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors have almost become standard in most public places such as community centers, airports, hotels and supermarkets across Canada. Some small business owners and property managers in Ontario have recently started to research automatic doors. Probably because they just find out the accessibility requirements (which are governed by Ontario’s legislation: the AODA and the

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New Universal Washroom Standards

Since 1975, the Ontario Building Code has been used to set the minimum standard for construction in Ontario. It addresses the issues of new construction by providing clear standards to help keep Ontarian’s safe. One of the current priorities of the Accessibility for Ontarian’s with Disabilities Act (AODA), is the New Accessibility Amendments made to

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Cost of Installing Automatic Doors in Ontario

Automatic doors seem to be gaining popularity. They instantly give an attractive look to your residential or commercial property. Benefits of automatic doors Having automatic doors can help you avoid penalties for non-compliance with the “AODA.” It can also provide you with a better brand image, increase convenience for your customers and many other benefits. “How

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Accessible Standards for Ontario Universal Washrooms

PLEASE NOTE that this document does not constitute legal advice and is meant only as a guide. Accessible Standards for Ontario universal washrooms should already exist in your organization. One of the current priorities of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (the “AODA”) is to build an accessible Ontario by 2025. Some of the

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3 Ways to Strengthen Access Control on Campus

Did you know that 50% of criminal offences on college/university campuses in Toronto are burglaries? The Department of Education defines burglaries as ‘the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or a theft.’ The question is— in a campus environment where openness and accessibility to buildings are part of everyday life, how can

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