10 Quick Tips about Surveillance Systems

If you are installing your surveillance system, you will want to make the most of your new equipment by installing it in the right place to cover as much ground as possible. We have compiled a list of handy tips compiled by installers with years of expertise so that you can rest assured your property and its occupants are safe.

Ensure you have close up vision of points of entry

The most vulnerable part of most properties are the main points of entry. You must have enough cameras to secure all of your entry points, especially the main floor which is the easiest to enter. Although you need to concentrate on the doors, you should also include garages as entry points, especially if they have access to the main property.

The front door should have at least two cameras if possible. The first one should be placed over the door so that you can see the face of visitors or intruders and the second should be further back so you can see what any visitors are up to. Night vision is a worthwhile investment, as in the darkness of night, your building is the most vulnerable and potential intruders can go undetected.

Think security camera power source

All cameras including wireless ones need to have some type of power source. If you are using a camera that is powered by battery, you won’t need it to be close to outlets, unlike cameras using a wired connection.

Analog connection cameras can be installed anywhere, but keep in mind you will still need to run wires.

Wireless cameras offer you more flexibility as they can be installed anywhere. However, being battery operated, you will have to keep in mind how far the router is to the device. If the Wi-Fi signal to the camera is low then it can use more battery trying to re-connect to the network. The closer the camera is to the router the better the battery life.

No stone left unturned

Although the main concentration is going to be on the property entrances, you need to make sure that all potential hiding places are caught on camera. This could be a bush, a parked van, tall décor pieces or high fences. If you have to make a report to the police of an attempted burglary, then you will have clear evidence of the perpetrator who may hide around the building.

If installing cameras for a business, any doors that require a specific card or entry code should be covered. Don’t forget to also ensure you have placed security cameras anywhere that is secluded. Maybe there is an area where staff go out on their lunch break. During the day it is most likely safe, however, in the evening these secluded areas are targeted by criminals. This will also allow you to record any entries and exits of any suspicious visitors and potentially prevent a crime from occurring.

Reach for the stars

Although this may seem obvious to most, placing any security cameras within the reach of the average person makes it easier for them to be disabled. In the past, it has been reported that burglars have successfully gone undetected by using spray paint and even cutting the camera wires. The best way that you can avoid this is to install the security cameras as high as possible. In addition to making it harder to tamper with, you will also have a wider field of vision. To keep the focus on entrances you can angle cameras towards the doors for a better shot. A higher camera location is better to ensure you are still able to get a clear visual of any visitors, wanted or unwanted.

Once you know that your home is fully covered by your new security system, there is nothing that says that it has to be used only for catching criminals or alerting you of incoming relatives. You could use your security cameras for fun too. Here are a few ways that you could use your security system that you would not have thought of before.


Once everyone gets used to the security cameras they tend not to take as much notice of them being there and continue to act normal. This provides you with great potential for creating your reality TV show. The recent live stream function on social media could grab the attention of followers and you can share the crazy things your family gets up to when they think no one is watching. If you are hosting an event and a few invitees are unable to attend, you could record and live feed the whole event so others can get in on the action and don’t miss out on all the fun.

Video diary

How many times have you missed something special and wish that you had gotten to your camera on time? With security cameras even, if you’re out at work you could catch your baby’s first steps on video to relive the moment you thought you had missed.

Preventing violence from caregivers

Whether you have a caregiver looking after your elderly parent or have a new babysitter you want to keep an eye on, you can install hidden cameras inside and outside your home. Nanny cams, for example, have become an extremely useful tool in finding out what goes on when you are not at home and invaluable in prosecuting cases of abuse. External cameras can help you see who is entering and exiting. If you told the babysitter to not invite any guests over and you see a young man sneaking in after dark you have video footage that you can use as evidence.

Handy reminder

We have all lost things that we know we put somewhere safe but can’t remember where. A video surveillance camera system could help you to find those lost keys, or who had the remote control last and who had their hand in the cookie jar, or who might have snuck into your wallet or purse.


If you have a bug or rodent problem, it’s not always easy to track down the nest or find out how that fox keeps getting in your garden and keeps terrorizing your chickens. Installing night vision cameras with a motion detector will help you find out exactly where they are coming from so you can deal with the problem.

Profitability booster

If you are placing your cameras in a place of work then you will be able to keep an eye on your workers. The majority of employees will work better if they know that they are being watched and not slack off after their manager leaves the room. Staff are more likely to work to their full potential if they know that they are being recorded. You can even keep an eye on customers if you wish to see what areas of your store people are drawn to and monitor shopping habits so that you can change the layout if necessary to showcase new stock.


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