Norton/Assa Abloy 5700 Series Low Energy Operator

The 5700 series operator comprises three components making it an easy solution for medium traffic doors that need basic operator functionality. While simple to install and use, this operator consists of a 1600 series door closer with a proven history of dependability.


Door Controls (interior) (exterior) swinging door(s) shall be of rack and pinion design contained within a precision cast aluminum housing. Door closing force shall be adjustable to ensure adequate closing control. Door closing speed shall be controlled by independent hydraulic adjustment valves in the sweep and latch range of the closing cycle. Door Operator shall provide conventional door closer opening forces unless the power operator motor is activated. Door Operator shall provide conventional door closing forces at all times except in the event of power outage during powered door open cycle. Door Operator opening force and speed shall be adjustable by independent electronic adjustment to ensure adequate opening control per accessibility codes. Door Operator shall have an adjustable hydraulic backcheck valve to cushion the door speed if door is opened violently. Door Operator shall have a manual adjustment to locate both full open and full closed door positions. Maximum door open shall be adjustable and capable to a maximum 180° conditions permitting. [(Door Operator shall be SELECTIVELY ACTIVATED by external initiating device, i.e., wall switch, etc.)] Door operator shall have adjustable hold open time capability in range from 5 to
30 seconds. Door operator shall have input line rating of 120VAC, .6A or 240VAC, .3A. Units shall have relay contact for interfacing products having a contact rating of 30VDC at 1A or 125VAC at .5A. Unit shall have an external On/Off Switch to defeat powered opening when desired. Unit shall have an internal circuit breaker switch to interrupt input power for servicing. Unit shall be U.L. Listed for automatic closing door. Unit shall be in compliance with the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), ANSI standards A117.1 and A156.19. Unit shall meet C-UL US.

Additional Detailed Specifications
When activated, the unit shall, by means of an integral motor and chain drive, power open the door at both a speed and force that are adjustable to meet accessibility codes. The door shall be powered from a door closed position to a full door open position and remain in momentary hold open for ___seconds (adjustable 0 to 30 seconds) [(Unit shall power open door to full open position up to 180° (5710); 170° (5730), conditions permitting.) (Unit shall be capable of allowing the door to be opened manually from 0 to 180°, conditions permitting.)] Once unit reaches full hold open position, if reinitiated, unit’s momentary hold open time shall restart from the initially set hold open time. If unit is initiated during the closing cycle, unit shall revert to opening cycle beginning at that door position. Obstruction detection on open shall neutralize and reverse motor action reverting motor to closed position thus allowing door to close under closer spring force only. This obstruction detection feature shall be integral to unit. During closing cycle, the unit shall close door under spring power not to exceed a closing force of 15 lbf.



Statuary Bronze
NOR black suede powder rgb
Black Suede Powder Coat

White Suede Powder Coat
  • Ease of installation and setup
  • Simple instructions
  • Application versatility and ease of adjustment; push or pull side mounting units available
  • Operates as mechanical surface closer during close cycles, when door is opened manually or if power is turned off; quiet operation
  • Spring force provides the feel of a normal manual door closer; door can be opened manually if desired
  • Norton® 1601/1601BF series door closer
  • Non-Handed
  • Unit Activation Options: wall switches, motion sensor, radio frequency device
  • End-User On/Off Switch
  • Hold Open options; 0-30 seconds (5 seconds minimum required for ADA and ANSI/BHMA A156.19)
  • Obstruction Detection: motor stops if door is obstructed during an opening; door closes under manual spring force (not to exceed 15lbf)
  • “Push and Close”; allows the operator to skip the hold open time when it is not necessary or required
  • Adjustable door sensitivity
  • Overload Safety Shut-Off – after two minutes of receiving a door activation signal, the inverter will time out and close the door; prevents motor/inverter damage
  • Motor Start Delay for Locking Hardware – 0-5 second delay to allow locking hardware to release first
  • Onboard power supply for accessories: 24VDC (1.1A)
Typical Applications
  • Hospitals
    – Behavioral Health
    – X-Ray Room
    – Patient Room
  • Colleges or Universities
    – Dorm Rooms
  • Strip Mall
    – Main Entrance Doors
Electrical Data
  • Power Input; 120 VAC, 60Hz
  • Current Draw: 0.9A
  • Auxiliary Output: 24VDC @ 1.1A
  • Relay Output: 0.9A
  • Normally Open/Normally Closed (jumper) for electric strike function
  • C-UL US listed for use on fire and smoke barrier doors
  • Meets ADA requirements
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.19 certified
  • Meets ANSI/BHMA A156.4 requirements
  • 2-year limited warranty
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