Assa Abloy Access Control Revolving Door

ASSA ABLOY RD4A access control revolving door – superior innovation

Attractive, versatile and completely secure, the ASSA ABLOY RD4A-1 one-way and ASSA ABLOY RD4A-2 two-way access control automatic revolving doors offer fully automated entrance control for interior and exterior use. Incorporating all of the principle advantages of revolving door systems — such as barrier and draft-free access, noise reduction and energy efficiency — the packages provide a level of control that conventional doors simply cannot match.

Monitored by a microprocessor-equipped control unit, the ASSA ABLOY RD4A-1 and ASSA ABLOY RD4A-2 can be connected to any compatible direct or remote access control system. The ASSA ABLOY RD4A is also available with the ASSA ABLOY Secure360™ sensor that eliminates the threat of common security breaches like piggybacking and tailgating.

  • Available diameters: 6′, 7’, 8’
  • One-way or two-way access control available
  • Emergency breakaway allows the wings to be swing open for a clear evacuation path
  • Automatic fire release rotates the wings to a central position and initiates the emergency breakaway function
  • Integrated, solid-state control unit enables users to monitor entry and exit independently, allowing for controlled access, free access or no access in each direction
  • Integration with any compatible direct or remote access control system, including cards, code locks, biometrics and voice recognition
  • ASSA ABLOY Secure360™ overhead sensor eliminates the threat of piggybacking and tailgating

Assa Abloy Access Control Revolving Door

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