Allegion/Schlage WPR400 Wireless Portable Reader

The WPR400 is a battery-powered portable reader with a communication range of up to 1000 feet. It enables real-time connectivity and is compatible with all AD Series reader heads.

The Wireless Portable Reader (WPR400) was designed to extend a facility’s access control to remote locations at a moment’s notice. It utilizes the same credential reader modules offered with an AD Series electronic lock. As a battery operated device, it can be held by hand or placed in a convenient temporary location to allow for credential verification.

WPR400 is designed to be intuitive to use and easy to set-up. When used within range, the WPR400 is ready to accept its first credential within moments of powering up and connecting to the previously paired PIM400. An LED indicator visually confirms credential verification or rejection in less than a second.

When configured and used in cache mode, the WPR400 keeps a local database of access grants for the last 1,000 valid users to allow use beyond range of the PIM400. WPR400 can also be manually configured to operate as a wireless portable tester. While in test mode, the device can be used to evaluate the location of PIM400s and AD-400 devices within a specific environment, or the existing reader module can remain installed on the WPR400.

Whether used for a check point or bus load registration, the WPR400 can be used to extend the perimeter of any facility on a temporary or permanent basis.

Allegion/Schlage WPR400 Wireless Portable Reader

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