FALCON 8200 Series Operator

The 8200 Series is an electromechanical surface-mounted automatic operator designed for areas needing easy accessibility.


The 8200 Series automatic operator provides smooth door control for openings that require flexible accessibility and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. The operator integrates into electrified openings and pairs easily with Allegion’s wireless accessory offerings. It enhances ease of use in various applications, such as assisted living and Multi-Family facilities.

The 8200 Series includes features that improve accessibility for people with disabilities and the elderly. Push ‘n’ Go opens the door automatically upon activation of the push bar, and SmartLatch provides additional closing force for security and peace of mind. Additionally, the 8200 Series detects obstacles to stop and reverse door direction when necessary and learns opening position angles to eliminate wall and door damage.

Features & Benefits
Body Construction
  • 1-piece mounting bracket
  • Intelligent control box
  • Non-handed motor gearbox
Quality and Durability
  • SmartLatch technology
  • Push ‘n’ Go feature
  • Open Position Learning for limited door and wall damage
  • Pre-load strike assist
  • LED light illumination for installation
  • On-board power supply (12 VAC)
  • Header length 26”
  • Surface mounted
  • Non-handed design
  • Cycle-tested 1 million gear box
  • Door weight is 200 lbs. (consult Technical Services for use on doors over this weight)

FALCON 8200 Series Operator

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