ExCam XPT Q6055 Explosion-Protected PTZ Network Camera

Real-time movement and control in hazardous areas

Discontinued product. Supported until 2025-06-01.

After this date, please see the support documentation.
As long as the product is within the warranty period you will be supported.

Recommended replacement: ExCam XPT Q6075
Note: Check the recommended replacement product data sheet for full specification

  • Certified for ATEX, IECEx, EAC Ex, IA; Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22; Groups IIC and IIIC
  • Cost-efficient installation with PoE
  • Low weight and profile, simple installation
  • Full HDTV 1080p with 32x optical zoom

ExCam XPT Q6055 Explosion-Protected PTZ Network Camera is an easy-to- install and easy-to-integrate dome-style camera. It delivers the sweeping overviews and superb zoomed-in detail you expect from a top-of-the-line PTZ camera from Axis. All wrapped up in a stainless-steel housing that’s certified to worldwide standards (ATEX IECEx EAC Ex IA) for explosion-prone applications, so you can effectively monitor hazardous areas at a lower cost compared to traditional explosion-protected PTZ camera.

Superior Performance For Hazardous Areas

ExCam XPT Q6055 is a lightning-fast PTZ camera with Guard Tour functionality, which makes it an excellent choice for monitoring vast areas. Plus it features 32x optical zoom and HDTV 1080p resolution, so it provides superb zoomed-in views of people and objects from a great distance. Focus recall gives you instantaneous clarity in low-contrast scenes. And Zipstream technology preserves all the important forensic detail you need, while lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50% or more. In other words, ExCam XPT Q6055 has everything you expect from an Axis Q-line PTZ camera.

Reliability – and Serious Savings

PoE-powered for plug and play installation, ExCam XPT Q6055 weighs less than a traditional PTZ. And that means significant savings because you won’t need electricians and a 3-person crew to install it. In particular, the camera’s low weight makes it easier to install and manage on oilrigs, where heavy winds present a challenge. All the moving parts of ExCam XPT Q6055 are protected inside its steel housing, so there are fewer possible points of failure, and troubleshooting is easier. The SFP slot in AXIS T8154 60 W SFP Midspan allows for long-distance fiber-optic connection.
If additional heat is needed in sub-zero environments, an optional Ex Connection Rail PoE Switch PS24 can be used. See the schematics below for *Optional power.

Analytics Protect Your Bottom Line

ExCam XPT Q6055 comes with a number of built-in Axis analytic applications that help keep personnel and equipment safe. Enter/Exit detector, for example, can trigger an alarm if someone enters a restricted area. Analytics can also help you make smarter decisions about resource allocation and cut down on routine patrols, for example. Our partners also offer a wealth of additional advanced analytics applications that can be added to ExCam XPT Q6055. And thanks to an open platform and ONVIF compliance, ExCam XPT Q6055 can be easily integrated into any surveillance system.

ExCam XPT Q6055 Explosion-Protected PTZ Network Camera

Real-time monitoring in hazardous areas

ExCam XPT Q6055 Explosion-Protected PTZ Network Camera is an easy-to-install and easy-to-integrate dome-style
camera. It delivers the sweeping overviews and superb zoomed-in detail you expect from a top-of-the-line PTZ camera
from Axis, adapted for explosion-prone applications with ATEX, IECEx and EAC certifications. With low weight, PoE
support for plug-and-play installation, and included AXIS T8154 60 W SFP Midspan for long-distance fiberoptic connection, ExCam XPT Q6055 offers significant savings. The camera is suitable for onshore, offshore, marine, and heavy
industrial environments.

> ATEX IECEx EAC, Zone 1, 2, 21, 22, IIC, IIIC
> Cost-efficient installation with PoE
> Low weight and profile for simple installation
> No need for power supply
> Full HDTV 1080p with 32x optical zoom

ExCam XPT Q6055 Explosion-Protected PTZ Network Camera

Image sensor 1/2.8” progressive scan RGB CMOS
Lens 4.44–142.6 mm, F1.6–4.41, autofocus, auto-iris
Horizontal field of view: 62.8°–2.23°
Vertical field of view: 36.8°–1.3°
Day and night Automatically removable infrared-cut filter
Color: 0.3 lux at 30 IRE F1.6, 0.5 lux at 50 IRE F1.6
B/W: 0.03 lux at 30 IRE F1.6, 0.04 lux at 50 IRE F1.6
Shutter time 1/33000 s to 1/3 s with 50 Hz
1/33000 s to 1/4 s with 60 Hz
Pan/Tilt/Zoom Pan: 360° endless, 0.05°–400°/s, Tilt: 180°, 0.05°–450°/s
32x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, total 384x zoom
E-flip, 256 preset positions, Tour recording, Guard tour, Control
queue, On-screen directional indicator, Set new pan 0°,
Adjustable zoom speed


H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC) Baseline, Main and High Profiles
Motion JPEG
Resolution HDTV 1080p 1920×1080 to 320×180
HDTV 720p 1280×720 to 320×180
Frame rate Up to 60/50 fps (60/50 Hz) in HDTV 720p
Up to 30/25 fps (60/50 Hz) in HDTV 1080p
Video streaming Multiple, individually configurable streams in H.264 and Motion
Axis Zipstream technology in H.264
Controllable frame rate and bandwidth
Image settings Manual shutter time, compression, color, brightness, sharpness,
white balance, exposure control, exposure zones, fine tuning of
behavior at low light, rotation: 0°, 180°, text and image overlay,
32 individual 3D privacy masks, image freeze on PTZ, automatic
defog, backlight compensation, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): Up
to 120 dB depending on scene, highlight compensation


Security Password protection, IP address filtering, HTTPSa
IEEE 802.1x (EAP-TLS)
network access control, digest
authentication, user access log, centralized certificate
, QoS Layer 3 DiffServ, FTP, SFTP,
CIFS/SMB, SMTP, Bonjour, UPnP®
, SNMP v1/v2c/v3 (MIB-II), DNS,

System Integration

Open API for software integration, including VAPIX® and
AXIS Camera Application Platform; specifications at axis.com
AXIS Guardian with One-Click Connection
ONVIF® Profile S and ONVIF® Profile G, specification at onvif.org
Analytics Included: AXIS Video Motion Detection, autotracking, Active
Gatekeeper, highlight compensation
Basic Analytics (not to be compared with third-party analytics):
Object removed, Enter/Exit detector, Fence detector, Object
Support for AXIS Camera Application Platform enabling
installation of third-party applications, see axis.com/acap
Event triggers Detectors: live stream accessed, video motion detection, shock
Hardware: fan, network, temperature, casing open
Input signal: manual trigger, virtual inputs
PTZ: autotracking, error, moving, preset reached, ready
Storage: disruption, recording
System: system ready
Time: recurrence, use schedule
Event actions Record video: SD card and network share
Upload of images or video clips: FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, network
share and email
Pre- and post-alarm video or image buffering for recording or
Notification: email, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP and SNMP trap
PTZ: PTZ preset, start/stop guard tour
Overlay text, day/night mode
Data streaming Event data
installation aids
Pixel counter


Casing IP66- and IP68-rated, AISI 316L/1.4404 stainless steel casing for
maximum corrosion protectionb
Memory 512 MB RAM, 128 MB Flash
Power Camera: Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) IEEE 802.3at, Type 2
Class 4, typical 13 W, max 19 W
Heaters: 24 V DC, max 60 W at -50 °C (-58 °F)
AXIS T8154 60 W SFP Midspan: 100–240 V AC, max 74 W
Connectors EXTB-3 Junction Box ExCam:
10 terminal clamps UT 2.5
2 conductor terminal USLKG 5.3
3 M20 cable entries
Storage Support for SD/SDHC/SDXC card
Support for SD card encryption
Support for recording to network-attached storage (NAS)
For SD card and NAS recommendations see axis.com
-50 °C to 50 °C (-58 °F to 122 °F)
(Intermittent up to 60 °C/140 °F)
Humidity 10–100% RH (condensing)
-40 °C to 65 °C (-40 °F to 149 °F)
Approvals EMC: EN 55032 Class A, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3,
EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5,
EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8, EN 61000-4-11, EN 61000-6-2,
EN 62479
Midspan: EN 60950-1, GS, UL, cUL, CE, FCC, VCCI, CB, KCC,
Explosion: EN/IEC 60079-0:2012, EN/IEC 60079-1:2007,
EN/IEC 60079-31:2009, TR CU 012/2011,
GOST R IEC 60079-0-2011, GOST R IEC 60079-1-2011,
GOST R IEC 60079-31-2010
Certifications Model key: T08-TNXCD-C-005-K-LL
ATEX: II 2G Ex d IIC T6 Gb, II 2D Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db
Certificate: TÜV 18 ATEX 8218X
IECEx: Ex d IIC T6 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db
Certificate: IECEx TUR 18.0023X
EAC Ex: Ex d IIC T6 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db
Certificate: TC RU C-DE.AБ.61.B.00381/19
IA: Ex d IIC T6 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db
Certificate: MASC MS/18-3256X
EXTB-3 Junction Box ExCam:
Model key: T12-3M20
ATEX: II 2 G Ex eb IIC T5 Gb, Ex II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T95°C Db IP66
Certificate: PTB 99 ATEX 3103
IECEx: Ex e IIC T5 Gb, Ex IIIC T95°C Db IP66
Certificate: IECEx PTB 06.0026
EAC Ex: 1Ex e IIC T5 Gb X, Ex tb IIIC T95°C Db X
Certificate: RU C-DE.AA71.B.00120
Dimensions Height: 378 mm (14 7/8 in), ø 195 mm (7 11/16 in)
Weight 17 kg (38 lb)
Pre-connected 5 m (16 ft) ASKDP03-T Armoured Cable ExCam,
AXIS T8154 60 W SFP Midspan, EXTB-3 Junction Box ExCam,
AXIS Surveillance Card 64 GB, Installation guide, Windows®
decoder 1-user license
Wall mount ExCam XPT, Pole mount ExCam XPT
Ex Connection Rail 4-port PoE PS24
Ex Connection Rail 8-port PoE PS24
SKDP03-T Cables ExCam 10 m (33 ft), 25 m (82 ft), 95 m (312 ft)
ASKDP03-T Armoured Cable ExCam 10 m (33 ft), 25 m (82 ft),
95 m (312 ft)
AXIS Companion, AXIS Camera Station, video management
software from Axis Application Development Partners available
on axis.com/vms
Languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Simplified
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese
Warranty Axis 3-year warranty and AXIS Extended Warranty option, see
a. This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the
OpenSSL Toolkit. (openssl.org), and cryptographic software written by Eric Young
b. The camera has been developed in cooperation with SAMCON Prozessleittechnik
Environmental responsibility

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