DOORKING Access Card Identifiers & Software

The Secure Solution to Identify Unmarked Access Cards
DKS offers a range of reliable Proximity Cards for a full line of Card Readers. Through daily use, the identifying number on the cards may become illegible. Additionally, many Access Managers will select cards without identifying numbers in order to keep an even tighter reign on security, and Mifare cards typically have no identifying numbers printed on them. The question then arises: how can Access Managers identify owners of lost cards, or easily identify cards that require access credential updates?
The solution is DK Card Identifiers. Simply download the DK Card Identifier software below, plug the DK Card Identifier into your PC’s USB port and present the card in question. The Card Identifier software will then return the identification number of the card. For an added level of security, the Access Manager can then look up the identification number with the DKS Remote Account Manager Software to determine who the card is assigned to, determine what the access credentials are, and make any revisions to the status of the access card.  A simple answer

DOORKING Access Card Identifiers & Software

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